In a pottery bowl in my studio, there has always been a bowl of words.  Students reach in and "draw" a word, then use this as a focus, as a message, or as a theme in their lives of action and reflection. Here are the words.  Perhaps there is a word that resonates with you.  Perhaps you close your eyes and let your finger find a word for you :)

PS May 2016 a new word joins the bowl... surprise!

Enjoy!      Namaste' Jenny


                   playfulness      kindness    

  awe  surprise

   gratitude     trust    appreciation 

          surrender   freedom    humility  

      mindfulness    Love          beauty 

     steadfastness      softness  faith  

       stability     grace 

  compassion  wonder   goodness  joy   

  softness   peace      patience


enthusiasm     bliss     courage 


     contentment     acceptance 

    generosity     devotion      spaciousness  

          resiliency    serenity      happiness



Jenny Garrison, Breathing Space